Lesley Teare Needlework design

Part 8 of my Xmas blackwork part series

22nd Oct 2019

Gosh, this is all going so well. I am so pleased to see all of your lovely stitched pieces.

Part 8  - a stylised snow flake. Next week I will be adding the larger central section before moving on to the rest of the small motifs that will complete my blackwork Xmas SAL.

Happy stitching, Lesley

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Part 7 Another week and another chart.

15th Oct 2019

Part 7 of my Xmas SAL. It is going so well and I am delighted with the pictures you are sending in. Please keep them coming and now we have part 7 with a 'Present'

Hope your week goes well; as some of you may have read on my FB page yesterday, I had, along with a lot of neighbours in our large community, rather a trying time with no Internet access for 36 hours...anyway, back on and in time to...

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Part 6 Welcome to my Wednesday blog

8th Oct 2019

Hope your week has gone well. Not too sure here in Suffolk in the UK that I like the colder and wet weather coming in. BUT! always a flipside to life - more time to stitch with the darker and colder evenings!

SO looking good with all of your lovely pictures coming in of my Xmas blackwork SAL, and here we go with the next section - a candle.

Hopefully have a lovely week everyone, Lesley x

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Part 5 Wednesday blog - another week!

1st Oct 2019

I think with adding my October owl yesterday to my blog and now another section for my blackwork Xmas SAL, how time is just flying! 

What a lovely start to this new project and it is great to see all of your lovely stitching. Do please keep them coming in so we can all see them.  If you would like to post pictures of designs of mine that you have done or are working on then please join me at this...

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Xmas blackwork part series 4

24th Sep 2019

I have been thrilled to see lots of pictures this past week and if you wish to add to these then please do join my Lesley Teare Cross Stitch group, where you can send in any pictures of my designs that you have done.....including these. 


Week 4 of my part series has my version of the dove. Make sure if you are working on both the sampler and the small individual motifs that the borders are slightly different. The smaller...

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LJT Xmas blackwork part series 3

17th Sep 2019

Already some lovely pictures from some of you for the start of this Xmas project.

I have added a pdf file of the sampler border showing the first holly leaf (part 2) and now the first bird (part 3)

The single bird includes a border that will be suitable for all of the smaller motifs - so ideal for cards.

I hope this isn't confusing as you will probably work from this for the larger project.

Do remember that with my freebies I do...

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Part 2 of my Xmas blackwork series

10th Sep 2019

Firstly, my apologies for giving you an incorrect date last Wednesday for when this SAL will finish. I should have put 4th December, NOT the 14th! There will though be 14 parts in total for this design, whether you complete it as a sampler or as individual motifs.

I have added a pdf file of the complete border from last week with the one holly motif in place, and, a separate pdf chart for the holly leaf with another border that...

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New part series.

4th Sep 2019

It is exciting to be starting another part series with you that will take us through to Wednesday 4th December and allow you to stich a blackwork Xmas sampler or 12 small Xmas cards and one larger one.

 Today I am starting with the complete border and the sections that go between each design. This should then make it quite easy to add each weekly motif in the correct spot, starting next Wednesday 11th with the holly leaf top left. Also...

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LJT Xmas Blackwork part series Details

30th Aug 2019

Here is the list for the details for my new blackwork SAL that begins next Wednesday, so I hope you will all be prepared to make a start! I have also shown one small motif with a new border which I think will make a nice addition to the designs if you are stitching them for cards.

AND, remember this Sunday, 1st September my new owl chart for the month will be published. 

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New part series.

27th Aug 2019

Hi everyone, this is a preview of my design that I will be adding next Wednesday 4th September, when I will start my new part series. Stitching this design will take us up to the beginning of December when I hope you will have 12 small motifs and a larger one stitched!! You will be able to choose whether you stitch them as separate designs which will make lovely, simple cards, or, perhaps as the complete sampler for Christmas 2019.

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New design

20th Aug 2019

Just a quick comment this week to show you a snippet of my new design. The blue jay from North America is the bird that has been chosen and thanks so much for your comments on that. Here is the start of the surround for that design which is coming along really well. Hopefully this will be available in a few week's time.

Happy stitching and I hope you all have a good week, Lesley

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How time flies!

13th Aug 2019

Gosh, now into the middle of August! Hope your stitching is going well, but I know with school holidays many of you will have a few interuptions.

The latest Gold Cross stitch magazine, issue 158, has a group of my four christmas teddy designs....cuddly teds, wrapped up in winter woolies, so that you can send warm wishes for the festive season. Hope you will enjoy them.

Hope your week goes well and here is a picture of our Tilly at 9 weeks,...

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