Lesley Teare Needlework design

LJT Blackwork part series Spring....the start!

7th Jan 2020

Hopefully you have all had a lovely festive break and now we are about to start on our new project  - a new part series which will take us into March 2020.

Thanks so much for the many lovely pictures that you have sent through to my Lesley Teare group; stitched pictures from my last two SALs for 2019 and of course, my first part series for an Xmas sampler.- please do come and join us if you haven't already: https://www.facebook.com/groups/529145740484076/?ref=bookmarks


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Happy New Year

1st Jan 2020

2020! The Owls certailny flew fast through 2019! My thanks to so many of you for your lovely comments throughout and it is very much appreciated.

May I just say a very special thanks to Toni Ball, who admins along with me, my Lesley Teare group, and I hope many of you will come and join us. -https://www.facebook.com/groups/529145740484076/?ref=bookmarks 

and Katherine So, in Australia, who has run the Owl SAL group in 2019 and many previous ones and of course, Lori Laughlin,...

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Wednesday blog 18th December

18th Dec 2019

The latest Cross Stitch Gold magazine 161 has just been issued with a lovely black labrador puppy designed by Jenny Barton on the cover. It looks really soft and cuddly. My design for this issue is quite Spring like with a picture of a blue tit with its nest so we can start looking forward to next year and warmer weather in our Northern hemisphere.

It has been stitched beautifully for the magazine by Jan Hazeltine.

Well, this time next week it...

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My Wednesday Blog 11th December

10th Dec 2019

Hope your week has gone well. Just for me this is a couple of weeks to relax slightly, but I thought a simple design for that last minute stitching might not go amiss. Please use what colours you like, and of course, I always love to see the stitched outcome.

If you haven't joined my Lesley Teare group, then please do, and let us see and read about the designs of mine that you are stitching. Here is the link:



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News about my designs 2020!

5th Dec 2019

Over the past few years I have enjoyed working on 11 free SALs for you to stitch. I hope the quality of the designs has been high and that many of you have enjoyed stitching some of them.

It is now time for changes, as after 30 years of designing for books and magazines I have decided to cut back on my workload. Some of you may have noticed over the past year that there are fewer designs of mine in...

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LJT Xmas blackwork part series 14

3rd Dec 2019

Wonderful! We are now at my final chart of my Xmas blackwork part series for 2019! It has been a really exciting project to do and it has been lovely seeing all of your progress and pictures.

There will be new projects starting in the the New year but till then I will be adding a few more comments on a Wednesday up to Christmas. I do hope you have enjoyed all of the designs I have added this year and...

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Xmas blackwork part series 13

26th Nov 2019

Just one more to go! But, I am SO pleased with all of your pictures that you have sent in. Thank you.

I will look forward to next Wednesday to add our final section so until then, happy stitching.



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Xmas blackwork part series 12

19th Nov 2019

Hard to believe that we are now on the last few sections of my Xmas blackwork SAL. All looking really good and I am so pleased to see all of your pictures of your progress. Thank you.

This time it is for part 12, a stylised snowflake, which I hope you will enjoy stitching.

Happy stitching Lesley

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Part 11 Xmas blackwork SAL

12th Nov 2019

Only three more sections to go! I do hope you are enjoying each week's design.

This time, another mistletoe leaf, but with a different blackwork pattern

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Part 10. Xmas blackwork SAL

5th Nov 2019

Nearly there! and I am so delighted with how this has gone and seeing your lovely pictures of the work. Thank you.

 Happy stitching, Lesley

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Part 9 Another week!

29th Oct 2019

Yes, another week and another part to my blackwork Xmas series. Really lovely to see how many of you are enjoying this. Thank you for your pictures.

It's the main section this week, and of course you don't need to add the lettering, quite optional.

Happy stitching, Lesley

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