Lesley Teare Needlework design

Signs of Spring

18th Jan 2013

It might be cold and dark outside, but enjoy the promise of sunshine to come with my spring flower display. This design is to be found in the latest issue of Cross Stitch Collection – out today.The small stitched sections will give you an idea of the colour shading; the blend of different yellows makes the petals glow with warmth.

Some of you may be interested in seeing how I work on an idea for a chart. My first step...

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Spring flowers cross stitch cushion

Rustic Style

14th Jan 2013

This small design - one of mine - is to be found in a chart booklet that accompanies the latest Cross Stitcher magazine.

There are lots of lovely small designs, as the following shows, with simple pretty motifs that are perfect for the country kitchen. With these charts you can add some country cottage charm to your home with projects inspired by nature.

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Rustic Beauty

Look out for a Valentine's Day chart

6th Jan 2013

The red and white designs are so popular so look out for my latest designs to appear for Valentine’s day…..it will be a couple of love birds but with the red and white appeal…………. keep stitching, Lx

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Elegant Anemones

21st Dec 2012

This design is to be found in the new redesigned Chart of the Month in the latest Cross Stitch Collection. Here you can read a bit more about my designs and get expert tips from the stitcher of the design -Gill Muggeridge says 'I love to stitch anything to do with flowers and the anemones were very realistic when stitched' There are no backstitches as I wanted the design to rely solely on the shapes and colours of the flowers...

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Floral Sampler

21st Dec 2012

This flower sampler, in the latest edition of Cross Stitch Collection, will be a lovely, colourful picture to stitch and admire as a framed piece. The design however, can also have a dual purpose as each flower with its month will make ideal motifs for greetings cards throughout the year.

The small picture of the snowdrop shows you how one of the motifs could look when stitched separately. I have added a single row of cross stitches to form a border...

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Floral Sampler

I hope you all have a happy festive season, Lesley xx

6th Dec 2012

This chart requires the following colours:

Cross stitch: a red, green, yellow, black, brown and white......choose from the selection of stranded cottons you have.

Backstitch: a black or dark grey - or a dark brown will be fine.

Happy stitching, Lx

I hope you like the latest free chart..........just in time! I'm having trouble getting the chart large enough but here goes so I hope it will work.

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Christmas card cross stitich

Angel's Wings

4th Dec 2012

An update for you as Cross Stitcher magazine is now in the shops. My design of the angel's wings makes a pretty cushion and I think not just for Christmas as I know it will look lovely in my bedroom with the creams and taupe decor that I have.

However, the design of two Scottie dogs in this issue by Felicity Hall is an absolute delight .............it's hush, hush though, as Webs might get a bit jealous.

Scottie dog cushion

The latest...

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Angels Wings Cushion

Latest design to hit the shops!

28th Nov 2012

The hyacinths in this month's Cross Stitch Collection will just about give us a glimpse into Spring..........on a dreary day like today oh! how I wish.

No free charts with this one, but keep watching and next month..........the delightful anemone will be on show with a lovely small free chart to download.

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Another View

28th Nov 2012

Another view of the hyacinths as this may be a little clearer to see. Will be touch soon with more updates. A very busy month so far as I think everyone is leading up to that festive holiday!!

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Stars for Christmas

4th Nov 2012

The backstitches are in red as I hope this will make them clearer for you when stitching. Please choose any colours for the motifs - metallic threads and gold beads would look lovely. Use them for quick cards, invitations to your Christmas parties or glue the stitched designs to white card tags as simple ties for your presents.

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Christmas Stars

Helen's Quilt

2nd Nov 2012

Do check out Helen Phillips's blog and take a look at her new quilt that she has just finished - it is so cheery and makes me feel really happy......plus a sneak preview of the cover of her new book : Pretty Patchwork Gifts, that will be published next Spring - it is a great idea.

Helen's quilt

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