Lesley Teare Needlework design

LJT Blackwork Summer part series 6

12th May 2020

Here is the second bird which will complete the 6th motif for my Summer sampler.

I think some of you may have missed counting the blocks between the designs quite accurately as there have been a couple of queries.

Because I wanted to keep the Sampler the same overall size as my Spring one I had to alter the spacing between the designs to fit my new motifs for this Summer sampler. With this one there are 3 blocks all round the...

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LJT Blackwork Summer part series 5

5th May 2020

Part 5 of the series and the central motif for my Summer sampler. Hope you are enjoying the stitching and it is helping you all to stay calm.

I'll look forward to seeing more picture in the coming days.

Happy stitching and keep safe everryone,


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LJT Blackwork Summer part series 4

28th Apr 2020

The first three motifs for my Summer blackwork sampler are looking great as it has been a real pleasure seeing so many of your stitched pieces. So now for part 4 and the first one of the bird motifs.

Hope your week has gone reasonably well and you have at least enjoyed your stitching. 

For those of you who have joined in my SAL for this year with my colourful birds and blackwork flowers then this Friday, 1st May the next one...

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LJT Blackwork part series Summer 3

21st Apr 2020

This third motif will now complete your first three sections so you will be able to see the design beginning to emerge for our Summer sampler.

I do hope that all of you have had a reasonable week in these troubled times and that the stitching helps keep you calm.

Lovely to see your progress and I will look forward to seeing more pictures from you in the week ahead.

Take care,


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LJT Blackwork Summer part series 2

14th Apr 2020

Firstly, I realised that I hadn't placed any guidelines between the motifs. These have now been added in red. I have also added the border chart again with the new details  -   so please make sure you check this - a note about the guidlines is now included in the KEY & details. Take care when stitching the guidlines as the spacing varies a little between some of them.

It has been lovely seeing my first part stitched by many of...

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First chart for my new part series.

7th Apr 2020

It's really exciting to be starting another new project with you all. I hope you all read last week's details for the start with the chart for the border.  My part series will 'run' over the next 9 weeks. Each Wednesday you will be able to download a free design to stitch in a few hours, so that eventually, we will have our Summer sampler completed. Each motif is quite suitable for a card design which some of you may...

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Hoping your week has been safe.

31st Mar 2020

1st April, and not only my blackwork flowers and birds SAL for April is out today, but, we have a new part series to look forward to. I hope both projects will help you all stay calm and relaxed, at least whilst you are stitching.

All the details are attached for the new series for the threads and fabric you will need and a pdf file for you to download of the border to get started. AND, of course, the all...

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Hoping you are all keeping safe.

24th Mar 2020

Anther week, and trying times for all of us. I hope you have managed to keep going and keep safe and that the stitching is good therapy.

I had a enquiry from a grandma earlier in the week to ask if I had a suitable chart of a unicorn so that she could introduce cross stitch to her 9 year old granddaughter, who, like my ones of 6 and 9, love them! Thankfully she and my granddaughters approved of my design!


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Another week and I hope happy stitching.

17th Mar 2020

Well folks, what a week! I just hope that you are all safe. 

I don't quite know what to say, as stitching is such a therapy and I hope that if you have to stay at home, then stitching will be some comfort. 

Over the past few weeks I have been adding new sections of my part series for you to work on and the response has been wonderful. It has been an absolute joy to see all of your pictures. Thank...

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LJT Blackwork Spring part series 9

11th Mar 2020

It has been lovely watching this sampler 'grow' each week and now here we are at the final section, part 9. Thank you for so many lovely comments about the design and to say how much you have enjoyed stitching it.

Until next Wednesday, when I will have news about a new design, happy stitching to you all,


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LJT Blackwork Spring part series 8

3rd Mar 2020

First, for those of you who requested and automatic transfer of my blog page to your emails, this has had to come to an end. I am sorry but, with the increase I was asked to pay for something I am giving as a free chart, wasn't acceptable. I hope you will all understand and keep logging on to me and taking part in whatever series comes up in the future.

Part 8 already! and now into March. All looking lovely...

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LJT Blackwork part series Spring 7

25th Feb 2020

When I view all of your pictures of this design as it grows each week, I am absolutely delighted, thrilled, as to how it is looking. As you know, I don't get the time to stitch these free charts and if there are any mistakes I am sorry, but, I know you will let me know and I can correct it. So far so good!!!

Part 7 is now here and I hope you will enjoy this week's section.

The larger picture...

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