Lesley Teare Needlework design

LJT Blackwork Autumn part series 9

20th Oct 2020

Part 9! It is hard to believe we have now come to the end of my Autumn sampler. 

I have SO enjoyed this one and by your lovely comments and wonderful pictures that you have been sending into my Lesley Teare Face book page many of you agree. 

I'll be taking a break from adding a chart next week, but obviously there will be be some small goodies in the 'pipe line' leading up to Christmas.

Just a quick comment to one of...

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LJT Blackwork Autumn sampler 8

13th Oct 2020

Week 8!! and your stitched pieces are looking fantastic. I am so pleased.

Hope you all have a lovely stitching week and I'll see you again next week for the final part.



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LJT Blackwork Autumn sampler 7

6th Oct 2020

Hard to believe that we only have two more motifs to work before we complete this sampler. It has been super to see all of your pictures coming in this week. 

Hope you all have a good week. Keep safe and happy stitching and see you next Wednesday.


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LJT Blackwork Autumn sampler 6

29th Sep 2020

My Autumn sampler is really going along brilliantly judging from all of your lovely photos you are sending in. Please, if you haven't already, then do come and join our lovely Face Book group where you can see lots of lovely stitching.


Don't forget that this Thursday, 1st October we have another bird and blackwork flower design flying in from my current SAL. For more details, do take a look at this link for the Creative Poppy site where you...

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LJT Blackwork Autumn 5

22nd Sep 2020

A lovely sunny week so far, but Autumn is definitely on its way here in the UK. At least darker nights will be cosier to settle down to with our stitching.

Part 5 now, so the sampler is really beginning to take shape. Hope you are enjoying this one, and do keep sending in your pictures of work in progress.

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LJT Blackwork part series Autumn 4

15th Sep 2020

Another week and my birthday week, so taking a bit of time off!

Hope you are all doing well and enjoying this new part series, so here is the fourth motif for you to download.

Hope all is well and you are enjoying the stitching,




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LJT Blackwork Autumn sampler 3

8th Sep 2020

Another week and part 3 of my Autumn sampler is ready for you to download.

Hope your week has gone well. Mine not so good! Out for a walk with our lovely Lab, Tilly and she disturbed a wasp's nest! Not nice, She came off withoughout a sting but I had around 12 / 15! At least I found out I could still run! All getting slowly better.

Do keep the pictures coming in to my Lesley Teare FB page, and, if...

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LJT Blackwork part series Autumn 2

1st Sep 2020

My second motif is ready for you to download and it's been lovely to see the progress many of you have made on the start of this Autumn sampler. I have updated the KEY and details as I had omitted to add the reference for the French knots - all now sorted!

If you missed the start for this design then please go to the 18th August Blog for the details.

And, it is now September, so another bird from my Blackwork...

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LJT Blackwork Autumn part series 1

25th Aug 2020

Here we go agin with my first motif for my Blackwork Autumn sampler. I hope it will be a lot of fun and I'll be looking forward to seeing lots of pictures of your progress as we work our way through it.

Happy stitching and keep safe, Lesley


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LJT Part series Autumn sampler

18th Aug 2020

The start of my new part series for an Autumn sampler.

All the details are attached for the new series for the threads and fabric you will need and a pdf file for you to download of the border to get you started. AND, of course, the all important picture of my new design. I do hope many of you will like this and enjoy our stitching progress through the next 9 weeks. Please may I just say that there may...

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LJT Simple Cross Stitch design part 9

11th Aug 2020

The final motif! I am so delighted with how my Simple sampler design has turned out, for as you know, with my free charts, I just don't have the time to stitch them, and I have to rely on you lovely stitchers to point out any mistakes! Thankfully not too many this time.

I hope you have all enjoyed this one.

Next week will be the start of my new project - Autumn blackwork sampler. This one will continue the blackwork theme...

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