Lesley Teare Needlework design

Wednesday Blog part series

23rd Jul 2019

The penultamate chart! ...and an easy one to complete. The exciteing part will be next week when we add the final cross stitches and the so important backstitching.

Hopefully many of you have seen my note on my FB page and on the section for last week's floral cushion chart about a lovely project that I am taking part in. Along with 49 other designers from across the world we will be creating charts for a new book that Lakeside Needlecraft...

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LJT Floral cushion SAL

19th Jul 2019

I hope you are ready for the July section of my Floral cushion design where we add more to the pink peony and the butterfly, which we can now complete. The design is really taking shape and looking very pretty.

The other lovely news is that I am taking part in an exciting project for Lakeside Needlecraft. Along with 49 other designers we will be designing charts based on a Winter or Christmas theme for a book which will be ready...

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Blackwork flower part 10

16th Jul 2019

The blackwork flower design is begining to look really pretty with all of the added cross stitch colours. Thank you for your kind words and I am really pleased that so many of you are really enjoying this.

This Friday the July section of my floral cushion SAL will be available for you to download from here on my website and also through the SAL page. This floral design is also looking really lovely now as we come up to the...

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Part 9 blackwork flower

10th Jul 2019

Our blackwork flower design is really taking shape and this week more colourful cross stitches to add. Thank you for sending me pictures of how you are getting on as it is lovely to watch your progress.

Also this week I have managed to complete the designs for my Owl SAL so you can now see the remaining 5 owls that you will be working on. I had a delay as I wasn't happy with one of them, but finding time...

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LJT Blackwork flower

2nd Jul 2019

A very simple section this week, so not much work! Just check the chart as I have found a few mistakes on the blackwork patterns. I did say right at the beginning of this series that unfortunately I haven't the time to stitch my freebies and the stitching is the one thing that sorts this out, so I am sorry if there are a few mistakes. I have updated so I hope I have sorted most of them out! But...

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LJT July Owl

1st Jul 2019

I hope you will enjoy stitching my July owl. It has been lovely seeing so many pictures from you of the six we have already done. 

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LJT Part 7 Blackwork flower

26th Jun 2019

We start on the colourful cross stitch pattern today that surrounds the blackwork flower. Remeber the outline on the petals will be added once all of the cross stitch designs are complete. Hope your week is going well and you are all enjoying stitching my latest series. Lx

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LJT Blackwork flower part 6

19th Jun 2019

Part 6 of my blackwork flower and this now completes all the blackwork sections on the petals. Next week we start to add the colourful cross stitches surrounding the flower - remember the outline on this will be added last. 

Hope you have a good week and happy stitching,


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LJT June floral section

14th Jun 2019

It has been great to see so many of your stitched pieces and I am really pleased with how this project is going and especially as it is looking so pretty now. The June section has a pansy and butterfly to complete, plus the start of what will be  - a peony.

Keep the pictures coming in.


Happy stitching Lesley

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LJT Blackwork flower part 5

12th Jun 2019

The patterns are certainly looking good now and here is part 5 to start another one.

 Remember it's this friday, 14th, that the June section will be available to download for my Floral cushion SAL. Hope you are ready!

Have a good week and happy stitching, Lesley

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LJT Blackwork flower part 4

4th Jun 2019

High, just a big thank you to Rachel Watson, my website designer, who put last week's charts on to my Blog whilst I was away. Another week and we are now on to the next blackwork design on the third petal. It has been lovely to see how many of you are getting on with this and enjoying a new technique. All the details for fabric size and threads can be found on my Wednesday Blog, 15th May.

Just added to...

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1st Jun 2019

Half way through the year! and time for my June owl. I have been delighted to see all of your lovely pictures of your progress and I hope you will enjoy this one. She is carrying a basket of strawberries.....just in case you are wondering what they are supposed to be!......

Happy stitching. Lesley

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