Lesley Teare Needlework design

LJT Part series Autumn sampler

18th Aug 2020

The start of my new part series for an Autumn sampler.

All the details are attached for the new series for the threads and fabric you will need and a pdf file for you to download of the border to get you started. AND, of course, the all important picture of my new design. I do hope many of you will like this and enjoy our stitching progress through the next 9 weeks. Please may I just say that there may...

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LJT Simple Cross Stitch design part 9

11th Aug 2020

The final motif! I am so delighted with how my Simple sampler design has turned out, for as you know, with my free charts, I just don't have the time to stitch them, and I have to rely on you lovely stitchers to point out any mistakes! Thankfully not too many this time.

I hope you have all enjoyed this one.

Next week will be the start of my new project - Autumn blackwork sampler. This one will continue the blackwork theme...

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LJT Simple cross stitch sampler part 7

28th Jul 2020

Our Simple Cross Stitch sampler is really taking shape and with only two more motifs to go after you have stitched this part 7, the completed design is nearly here!

Fab pictures from you showing how many of you are getting on and it is such a real pleasure for me to see them all.

Happy stitching,


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LJT Simple cross stitch design part 5

14th Jul 2020

My owl is the middle section of my free Simple cross stitch sampler and is now ready to download for this week's part 5 design. Lovely to see yet more pictures from you, so please keep them coming in.

Hope you have had a good week and happy stitching till next Wednesday for part 6 of  my sampler.


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LJT Simple cross stitch designs part 4

7th Jul 2020

Thank you for all of your lovely comments about my latest sampler design. Here is part 4 that starts the second row of my simple sampler. It has been lovely to read your comments this past week and that you are enjoying it. 

The peacock is my latest design that I have added to my shop. This beautiful bird  is so colourful and full of pattern, and of course, its decorative tail takes centre stage!

Have a lovely week and lots of...

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LJT Simple Cross Stitch designs Part 3

1st Jul 2020

It has been lovely seeing many of your stitched pieces for part 1 and 2 of these simple cross stitch motifs. Here is part 3 which will complet the first line.

Also, it is the 1st! so my July bird is ready to download. Please go to the Creative Poppy site and log in, or, if you haven't joined us, then please take a look at this SAL of Blackwork flowers and birds, which for a small payment, you can download...

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LJT Simple Cross Stitch designs

16th Jun 2020

Here we go on the start of my new series with the first motif - the chart for the border and guide lines was posted last Wednesday 10th June. Cross stitch this time, and, I hope you will all enjoy the next 9 weeks of stitching to complete my easy sampler, or, just stitch each of them as individual motifs.

Do let me know how you get on and please join our lovely Lesley Teare group which displays all of the...

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LJT Simple cross stitch designs

10th Jun 2020

I have decided, as I mentioned last week, to have a small break from my blackwork part series - the Autumn one will start in 10 weeks, followed by the WInter one.

Although I have placed 9 small cross stitch motifs together as another sampler idea, they are obviously each very suitable for small cards that can be stitched in an evening.

If you are going to work this as a complete design then please make sure you follow and count the...

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LJT Blackwork part series Summer 9

2nd Jun 2020

Our final piece of the sampler! What a difficult few weeks we have all had across the world. I do hope your stitching has helped you keep calm and that you have enjoyed working on my latest free sampler.

I am delighted with the results and excited about seeing your completed designs.

Do keep sending the pictures of your stitching coming into my FB group as they are so lovely to see.: https://www.facebook.com/groups/529145740484076/?ref=bookmarks

Next week will be a new start and my free...

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