Lesley Teare Needlework design

LJT Part series Floral sampler 2

24th Mar 2021

Our second motif for my Floral sampler is of a pretty bluebell that make such a splash of colour in our woods in Spring.

It has been lovely to see your pictures of the narcissus that I added last week. Do keep them coming in to (3) Lesley Teare Cross Stitch designs | Facebook - our members are over 10,000 now with another 353 who have already joined this week.

A new design has been added to my Website shop this week which...

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LJT part series Floral sampler 1

16th Mar 2021

Here we go on part 1 of my new Part series Floral sampler. Always exciting to start a new design!

As before, I do not have the time to stitch the free designs, so, if you find a problem / mistake then please do let me know as I can alter it.

Otherwise, happy stitching and I will so look forward to seeing your projects. Do catch up with me and our lovely group at: Lesley Teare Cross Stitch designs | Facebook


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LJT Part series Floral sampler

9th Mar 2021

We start another part series design today for a Floral cross stitch sampler. This will take us through the next 10 weeks for this new project and today, you can download all the details, KEY and the pdf file for the border. If preferred each of the designs can be stitched separately to make lovely, individual cards.

These designs have not been stitched, so, as in the past, if you find any mistakes then please let me know so that I...

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LJT Part series Winter / Spring 9

2nd Mar 2021

It is so lovely to add the final motif - part 9 of my Winter / Spring sampler today. It has been a real joy to work on and, see all of your lovely stitched pieces.

But, the exciting part is that we now get the chance to work on another new project.

I thought it would make nice change to have a sampler just worked in cross stitch this time, as I am sure there might be some of you that...

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LJT Part series Winter / Spring 8

23rd Feb 2021

The weeks do seem to have gone quite quickly and here we are at part 8 of my Winter / Spring sampler. It has been lovely catching up with all of the lovely pictures you have been sending in to my Face book page - Lesley Teare Cross Stitch designs | Facebook

This week I have also added 4 new flower designs to my shop which I have based on the lovely Art Nouveau style with its flowing lines and symmetry;...

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LJT Winter / Spring part 7

16th Feb 2021

My Winter / Spring sampler is really taking shape, and it's so lovely to see more photos of your stitching this past week. Thank you.

Hope your week will go well with plenty of stitching. See you all next Wednesday.


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LJT Part series Winter / Spring 6

9th Feb 2021

Part 6 already! and your stitched pieces are looking so good. I am really pleased so do keep them coming in for us all to see.

I have just added another Willow pattern design to my website shop, based on my fusion of decorative blackwork and cross stitches. The first, LJT177 Willow pattern picture, is the companion and I think they will work really well together and both are ideal as cushions or framed pictures.

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LJT Part series Winter / Spring 5

2nd Feb 2021

My Winter / Spring sampler is really starting to take shape, and thanks so much for all of your pictures you have been sending in. If you are not already part of this lovely group, then please ask to join us:  Lesley Teare Cross Stitch designs | Facebook

February! and the second part of my Teacup SAL is ready to down load from the Creative Poppy site. To find out more, then please go to this link where you can find...

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LJT Part series Winter / Spring 4

26th Jan 2021

Part 4 this week of a daffodil - a real sign of Spring. I haven't seen any, but our window cleaner has them in bud on his allotment. 

Hope your stitching has gone well this week and I shall look forward to seeing your updates on this new part series 4. 

I have a lovely new blackwork and colourful cross stitch design which will be ready for you to buy from my Shop tomorrow. It depicts a sweet blue tit amongst an...

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LJT Part series Winter / Spring 3

19th Jan 2021

Lovely to see so many pictures of last weeks snowdrop motif. Thank you.

Part 3 today so the design will begin to start looking nearer to our Winter / Spring sampler.

Hope you enjoy it.

Keep safe and keep stitching,


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LJT Part series Winter/ Spring sampler 2

12th Jan 2021

What a brilliant start last week for our new sampler. Lots of lovely pictures coming in from you which is such a delight to see.

Part 2 of a stylised snowdrop is this week's motif. I noticed yesterday in our garden that many are already in leaf so I hope it won't be too long before the flowers start to appear. Such a delightful little plant.

I hope you have a good stitching week and keep safe,



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LJT Winter / Spring part series 1

5th Jan 2021

The first motif for my Winter/Spring sampler is ready for you to download today. If you missed the chart for the border, then please scroll back to last Wednesday's blog for the details.

 I have also added a picture of a beautiful stitched design of the first January teacup from my new 2021 SAL which has kindly been sent in by Sue Bailey. Thank you.

If you haven't already taken a look at this exciting 12 part series, then please check -...

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