Lesley Teare Needlework design

Purple rhododendrons

19th Dec 2013

It's always a joy to start working on a new series of designs for Cross Stitch Gold and this one in the present issue, 108, was an absolutely delight. I enjoy taking close - up photographs of flowers that I see while on walks with Webs and also in my garden. I will often use these as reference for my paintings before charting the designs. Large scale flowers like these always, in my opinion, look really striking on a cushion. I have...

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Rhododendrons cross stitch

Winter Pansies

16th Dec 2013

Seeing the lovely faces of pansies brings me a feeling of happiness, especially when we are in the depths of winter and there is very little visible colour in the garden. I have used a bright shade for the jug, which offsets the mauves on all of the flowers, and the spots give a modern touch. The chart for this design is fairly easy as I have allowed the patterns on the flowers to remain simple – allowing the colours...

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Winter pansies cross stitch

British Craft Awards

5th Dec 2013

It's time for the annual British Craft Awards from the publishers of Cross Stitch Crazy, The World of Cross Stitching, Cardmaking and Papercraft and Quick cards made easy.

You can vote on line:http://www.britishcraftawards.com or by postal vote if preferred. Everyone who votes will be entered into a prize draw to win one of three fabulous prizes - a year's worth of crafting stash!

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British Craft Awards 2014

Last minute Christmas chart

27th Nov 2013

Hi everyone, just one last chart for Christmas... if you can't stitch the whole sampler in time, then these quick, cute motifs stitched separately for cards will take no time to stitch... no fractionals so you are away. Just remember to remove the wording.

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Christmas sampler

Swan Delight

24th Nov 2013

I once read that swans mate for life - a romantic notion, which I have tried to reflect in this scene of a protective male swan, spreading his wings around his elegant lady friend.

Swans are beautiful birds at any time of the year, but winter is a particularly fitting setting, as it is such a romantic season. I always hope that I get the chance to take snowy walks and wonder at the beauty of nature. With snowy - capped...

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Swan cross stitch

Peony Geisha

24th Nov 2013

I've designed many cross stitch pieces featuring geisha in my time, but they continue to be popular and I have never grown tired of the theme. In this scene my geisha is framed by cascading wisteria and big, blowsy peonies which also decorate both her hair and gown. I do hope you will be inspired to add this one to your collection.

Peony geisha is found in the latest edition of Cross Stitch Collection, issue 107

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Peony Geisha

Gingerbread House

5th Nov 2013

Hi everyone, according to Helen Dorritt, my lovely editor on Crazy Cross Stitch magazine, this design has been a massive hit with many of you. It's one of my favourites and although the chart was a special for Crazy subscribers I will hopefully soon be able to sell the chart here on my blog.

Just trying to sort out a few things and then, with the whiz kid Rebecca, who will use her expertise to get 'The Shop' up and running...

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Gingerbread House cross stitch

New Cross Stitch Book

24th Oct 2013

Well, here is the preview of the cover... It is some time since I wrote my last book and I am so excited about it, not just this one, as there are a series of four that will all be published by the end next year. I have been working with a lovely company in Turkey for a couple of years designing for their beautiful magazines, and I was asked to create this and the other books for them.

Here you...

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Cross stitch book

Beautiful berries

22nd Oct 2013

In the latest issue of Gold - 106 With this cushion, I have created a modern take on the mistletoe wreath - a softly curving sprig of bead - like berries, with bold patterned leaves.

The trend for contemporary Christmas colours, such as bright pink, purple and turquoise, seems to be growing, so I wanted to introduce these colours into my design.

My design uses cross stitch and traditional backstitches only so it is ideal for all stitchers... as the editor, Medina...

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Beautiful berries

Three Kings

22nd Oct 2013

Blackwork stitches add something special to this traditional nativity scene of the three kings. This design is in the latest issue - 106 - of GOLD magazine If you love designs that change you, then I think you'll enjoy stitching this glittering Christmas scene. I have used a combination of cross stitch and backstitch to create blackwork filling patterns for the three kings' magnificent robes. Colourful blackwork works particularly well here, with jewelled shades of turquoise, purple and cerise against...

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Black work star of wonder

Winter Robin

22nd Oct 2013

This cute little fellow is to be found in issue 229 of Cross Stitch Collection.

This picture is the last of my seasonal bird pictures - if you like this one then check back in my blog for the blue tit (issue 221), chaffinch (issue 223) and wren (issue 226) all of which are set amongst seasonal flowers. Although there is a gentle fall of snow, the scene is a colourful picture to delight in during the coming cold months.

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Winter Robin Cross stitch

Dare I say it... Christmas cards!

6th Sep 2013

As the first Christmas issue of Gold is in the shops I might as well make a start so here are two card designs to get you going! Some of you I know like to get ahead with your stitching.

As with the two designs I have already shown you - the partridge and the stocking - these cards are quite modern and not traditional in colour. They are, however, simple to stitch so make a start towards the festive season...

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Cross stitch Christmas card


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Thank you, Lesley