Lesley Teare Needlework design

Alphabet in Bloom

26th Jul 2013

As you know, flowers are a great passion of mine, so a floral ABC was always going to be right up my street! An incredibly versatile design as the motifs can be used time and time again to stitch as cards, gifts and items for the home. I like the idea of putting the letters together to spell 'Welcome,' or how about decorating a set of gardening gloves or stitch a whole name and finish your work in a pretty...

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Cross stitch alphabet

Summer flowers in cross stitch

18th Jul 2013

If you would rather stitch a larger picture of a flower then Kate, at http://www.bothythreads.com has kits of some of my flower designs and following on from my simple peony card I thought some of you might, like me, really enjoy stitching these beautiful flowers to remind you that summer does come! You can choose from this group of four designs: purple poppy, rose, peony and pink hydrangea or go to her website for even more lovely flowers...

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Summer flowers in cross stitch

Summer Splendour

15th Jul 2013

I thought some of you might love the old fashioned vintage style - chic of this design, especially as it is so simple to stitch if you are a confident beginner. I tried to create a truly elegant design with calming shades of pale pink and soft cream that blend so well with the fresh greens of the foliage and the sky - blue butterflies.

Find this delightful design in the latest edition of The World of Cross Stitching. The back...

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Summer Splendour Cross Stitich

Waterlily and dragonfly

10th Jul 2013

Enjoy the exquisite bloom of a water lily all year round by stitching this serene design. The chart is to be found in the latest Cross Stitch Collection, issue 225.

The beauty of water lilies has led to their widespread use as ornamental plants. The French artist Claude Monet depicted the flower in many of his paintings but I chose to show a single flower and naturally thought that a gorgeous dragonfly would be perfect to complete the design.

I have chosen...

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Waterlily and Dragonfly cross stitch

Dancing Duo

14th Jun 2013

Capture all the glamour of the ballroom with this elegant dancing duo. I have always loved all types of dancing but sadly don’t get much opportunity now……..however I can dream when I look at this picture. This chart is more detailed than the following vintage teacup pictures, as it uses both fractional stitches and the addition of beads and metallic threads throughout the design. However, if you love to dance or know someone who does, it will be worth a...

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Dancing Duo Cross Stitch

Vintage Roses

14th Jun 2013

This gorgeous summery floral cushion is still in the vintage, shabby – chic look. The jug, an original Laurua Ashley design, is one I purchased in the early 1980s and is still a favourite and often used. If you like roses as much as me then have a look at my section; Ideas for You, where you can find another design showing off these beautiful flowers.

Remember to check out The Making Spot where each month you can download a free...

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Vintage rose cross stitch cushion

Sports Motifs

12th Jun 2013

Hey ho!! who managed to hit the wrong button yesterday and remove all of the Father's day charts!! But, as it is probably too late anyway for stitching a card for him, and the cricket season has started and..... Wimbledon mania is about to descend on us, here are the reinstated charts, plus one for fishing enthusiasts and one for tennis fanatics.

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Fathers' Day motifs

A chaffinch in Summer

14th May 2013

The summer chaffinch is the second in the seasonal bird series to be found in the latest edition of Cross Stitch Collection. The spring blue tit was a great success with a lot of readers (see the preview in an earlier blog piece) so I hope the rest will be as popular. I have certainly enjoyed designing this group…..and please do look out for the lovely little wren set in an autumn landscape that will be printed in a couple...

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Summer Chaffinch Cross Stitch

Proud Peacock

27th Apr 2013

This peacock design is in the latest edition of Cross Stitch Collection. Many of you will have already received the magazine as I am still trying to catch up with work and my blog after a week's holiday. The holiday was lovely but the catching up can be difficult.

Whilst on holiday in France a few years ago, I stayed on a farm in the region of Provence. The farmer was pleased to show me his first peachick, which had recently...

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Peacock Cross Stitch

Canadian theme

8th Apr 2013

I have just had a bit of a calamity this afternoon with my blog and here I am trying to redo the charts!!

As I said previously, these two Canadian motifs are free charts that I was asked to do for a WI member who made contact with me. It celebrates the day when Canada became self – governing, although remaining a dominion of Great Britain. Some of you may like to use these designs as cards for Canadian friends and...

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Canadian Mountie figure


15th Mar 2013

Just in case you are looking for a bold and bright spring flower picture rather than the pretty bird one, then check out my colourful tulips…..also to be found on The Making Spot - Go to the Designer names and click on Lesley Teare and follow through to the charts.

This design will also make a great cushion and, if you are into canvas work, then check out my idea for turning this great design into a needlepoint one. Go to...

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Tulips Cross Stitch

Delightful blue tit design

15th Mar 2013

This year my bird series in Cross Stitch Collection starts with the delightful blue tit. How I love to watch this playful little bird on my feeders. Despite the freezing conditions of late many of the birds appear to have started building their nests. One robin in my garden, has found a safe and sheltered spot in my old barn….how very sensible of it. The next birds to watch for will be a pair of blackbirds which regularly nest in...

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Wild birds cross stitch