Lesley Teare Needlework design

Victorian beauty

19th Jul 2016

This elegant Victorian beauty, dressed in formal attire, with pretty lace gloves and yoke on her dress and with her exquisite hat, overflowing with delicate pink roses, give such grace and charm to the whole picture. This was such a delightful design to work on and I can't wait to try some others like this.

Here you can also see my original drawing that that I did as I thought some of you might like to see how I start working on a design. I love drawing, as my background is in printed textiles and illustration, and both of these areas for me, start with this linear technique.

Find her in the latest issue of GOLD Cross Stitch magazine, issue 130

Download a PDF of this free chart:

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Many apologies but due to family circumstances, I am not able to complete any orders for a couple of weeks. I will update the website when I am able to start taking orders again.
Thank you, Lesley