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16th May 2018

A little late updating my Wednesday Blog. My computer seemed to take ages downloading and updating the files this morning......

A picture of our Labrador, Tilly, who is now 9 months old...plus a week! As you can see she is nearly fully grown, just the filling out bits I think now. Considering she is classified as a teenager and supposed to be pushing the boundaries, overall she is quite good.

The other picture, which I have added to my FB page just now, is of one of our wisterias that we planted 3 years ago. They were devastated by a late frost last year and we thought it might have killed the plants, but as you can see they are looking beautiful.

Not much update on designs as I have been very busy working on commissions, but I hope your week has gone well and thanks for all the pictures on my two SALs that you are sending in. They are lovely to see.

Have a good weekend and lets hope the good weather holds out here for the Royal wedding on Saturday.  

Posted by Lesley Teare in category Blog on Wednesday, 16th May 2018

Tilly illustration 1
Tilly illustration 2
Tilly illustration 3