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27th Jul 2015

I'm thrilled to offer, through my SHOP, designs that are stitched with wools onto canvas. This type of needlework is called Needlepoint or Tapestry. Instead of Aida or linen the wools are stitched onto a double canvas in either white or an antique shade using a diagonal stitch (just like one diagonal stitch of a cross stitch) The whole of the canvas requires filling but the end product can be made, in this case, into a cushion or framed.

All of these designs can also be found in the cross stitch section if preferred.

There will more as time goes by so I do hope many of you will enjoy looking at them as well as having a go! I was taught by my mother and the first designs I did for DMC were in this form of needlework. I love it!

Posted by Lesley Teare in category Blog on Monday, 27th July 2015

Tapestry / needlepoint designs illustration 1
Tapestry / needlepoint designs illustration 2
Tapestry / needlepoint designs illustration 3