Lesley Teare Needlework design

Summer Splendour

15th Jul 2013

I thought some of you might love the old fashioned vintage style - chic of this design, especially as it is so simple to stitch if you are a confident beginner. I tried to create a truly elegant design with calming shades of pale pink and soft cream that blend so well with the fresh greens of the foliage and the sky - blue butterflies.

Find this delightful design in the latest edition of The World of Cross Stitching. The back stitching keeps to the traditional method making it easier for stitichers new to cross stitch and although a simple picture, the image brings the thought of afternoon teas on a hazy, summer afternoon.

Summer Splendour Cross Stitich


Many apologies but due to family circumstances, I am not able to complete any orders for a couple of weeks. I will update the website when I am able to start taking orders again.
Thank you, Lesley