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Squirrel time!

15th Jun 2016

Not just the birds happily feeding - we now have 5 squirrels that help themselves! The plastic dome prevents them from getting to the feeders, but they do an excellnt job on hoovering up the left - overs. Great fun to watch. My granddaughters will sit for a long time looking for them and counting them. The eldest, Leah, at nearly six, has names for them all..........even though we can't tell the difference!

The other photo was a view taken from our kitchen window the other morning. The sky was dark and the grass in the field beyond our boundary looked almost grey, except for the patches of the bright red of the poppies.

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Have a good week everyone.

Posted by Lesley Teare in category Blog on Wednesday, 15th June 2016

Squirrel time! illustration 1
Squirrel time! illustration 2