Lesley Teare Needlework design

South African adventure

5th Oct 2016

What a fantastic holiday David and I had recently in South Africa. If you can possibly add this to your bucket list then please do so! A wonderful bespoke experience thanks to Alex at: www.alexandra@extraordinary-africa.com 

The two lodges we stayed at were very different but both had animals right up to our balcony. We had two drives a day and managed to see all of the big 5 as well as numerous birds, plus a fantastic 10 foot python - from the safety of our vehicle!! 

At the second lodge we were woken with a tray of coffe at 5.30am for our morning drive at 6am which lasted about 3 hours. Breakfst was then served in the bush before our drive back to camp..........We learnt a lot about all of the animals and the conservation that is going on and how the poachers are being dealt with.