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6th May 2015

Just catching up with everything after a restful week's holiday in East Sussex. We stayed at this cottage two years ago with both dogs and it is still a favourite spot for us all.

In the latest GOLD magazine, issue 120, I have two designs; this one of an elegant female which has been inspired by the iconic actress, fashion model and humanitarian, Audrey Hepburn. Hopefully this model is every bit as stylish with her flowing summer dress, long black silk gloves and necklace and bracelet worked with ivory seed beads  to give the illusion of pearls.

I have worked my design on a natural linen which provides a great background for her pale - coloured dress and the white dove. It's a challenging project that uses a range of stitches. I particularly like the long stitches that are quite random and I hope these help to add the flowing movement to this design as this was an important aspect that I was trying to convey.

I really enjoyed the drawing and painting of the picture and the convertion to cross stitch so that it remained true to the original design. Many thanks Medina for suggesting this idea, quite lovely.

Download a PDF of this free chart:

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