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7th Jun 2015

I hope you don't mind yet another picture of Rosie as I'm not just doing the proud grandmother bit, well, a little, but I am trying to show off the dress that she is wearing.

The cross stitch motifs were commissioned by Jenny Dixon, the editor of Cross Stitcher magazine, and I was delighted, as I'm sure you will agree, how brilliant the dress has turned out. It was beautifully made and instructions are all in the 290 issue.

The dress is simply a lining and outer fabric sewn together on the wrong side and then turned through to the correct fabric with just a few hand stitches to sew up the opening, with buttons and poppers added and of she goes! 

A liitle big for Rosie at present, but I don't think she minds. 

Posted by Lesley Teare in category Blog on Sunday, 7th June 2015

Rosie illustration 1
Rosie illustration 2
Rosie illustration 3