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Proud Peacock

27th Apr 2013

This peacock design is in the latest edition of Cross Stitch Collection. Many of you will have already received the magazine as I am still trying to catch up with work and my blog after a week's holiday. The holiday was lovely but the catching up can be difficult.

Whilst on holiday in France a few years ago, I stayed on a farm in the region of Provence. The farmer was pleased to show me his first peachick, which had recently hatched. Each morning, the proud father paraded up and down the gardens with his tail feathers on show for all to admire.

This picture of the peacock is more decorative than realistic, as the blossoms are quite large. They help to form a gentle curve and give movement to the peacock, so we can appreciate the glorious colours of his plumage.

Pale yellow stitches surrounding the peacock and blossoms create a radiant quality …….see the smaller images…..this colour further enhances the bird's impressiveness.

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Posted by Lesley Teare in category Blog on Saturday, 27th April 2013

Peacock Cross Stitch
Peacock Cross Stitch