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Poppy Delight!

27th Jul 2013

Red opium poppies are quite prolific in my garden - mostly in the rich red shades, but also in oranges and deep pinks. Like the majority of summer flowers, their beauty is fleeting, but I enjoy their moment of colour. The mauve and pink flowers help to balance out the reds, bringing a softness to the overall picture.

The design is to be found in the latest Cross Stitch Collection, issue 226 along with the delightful little wren, the third in my latest bird series.

The wren sits amongst the fresh yellows and pinks, rich warm browns, deep purples and burnt oranges of this scene that ensures the overall effect is autumnal. How we love to watch this gorgeous little bird darting amongst hedgerows looking for food before winter sets in.

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Posted by Lesley Teare in category Blog on Saturday, 27th July 2013

Poppy cross stitch
Wren cross stitch
Detail cross stitch