Lesley Teare Cross Stitch Design

Patchwork Tortoise

30th Mar 2015

This design is also in the latest edition of GOLD Cross Stitch Magazine although I'm  not quite sure if this is a tortoise or turtle! But I don't mind as this was such a fun design to wok on and my grandchildren love the cushion it has now become.

The shell is worked as hexagon shapes which make up the patchwork design of zigzags and squiggles. Although this is a large design you can concentrate on just one hexagon at a time, completing one before moving on to the next. This is a good way to keep the momentum going throughout the project, from the first stitch to the very last!

Posted by Lesley Teare in category Blog on Monday, 30th March 2015

Patchwork Tortoise illustration 1
Patchwork Tortoise illustration 2