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New part series

29th Dec 2020

We start another part series design today for Winter/Spring which will link in with the previous Summer and Autumn designs. All of these designs are based on a fusion of colourful cross stitches and delicate blackwork for 9 pretty motifs to stitch and which will take our sampler project through to March 2021. 

Today, you can download all the details, KEY and the pdf file for the border which also shows the guide lines in red for the placemnet of each motif.

These designs have not been stitched, so, as in the past, if you find any mistakes then please let me know so that I can correct them.

This week I have also added another design based on the traditional Willow pattern that continues my method of combining colourful cross stitches and the delicate blackwork technique. Stitched in a selection of shades of blues from light to dark, this decorative design is ideal for either a cushion or a framed picture 

This Friday, 1st January, you will be able to download your first design for my 2021 SAL. If you haven't seen the details yet, then please take a look at the Creative Poppy site as they are kindly organising this again throughout the year.   


Download PDF of this free chart

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New part series illustration 1
New part series illustration 2
New part series illustration 3