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New part series.

27th Aug 2019

Hi everyone, this is a preview of my design that I will be adding next Wednesday 4th September, when I will start my new part series. Stitching this design will take us up to the beginning of December when I hope you will have 12 small motifs and a larger one stitched!! You will be able to choose whether you stitch them as separate designs which will make lovely, simple cards, or, perhaps as the complete sampler for Christmas 2019. I am still keeping with the blackwork technique - and these are simple - with a different pattern on each one to follow. I hope you will enjoy this and I will look forward to working with you all again on this new series.

Happy stitching, Lesley xx

Posted by Lesley Teare in category Blog on Tuesday, 27th August 2019

New part series. illustration 1