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LJT Xmas blackwork part series 3

17th Sep 2019

Already some lovely pictures from some of you for the start of this Xmas project.

I have added a pdf file of the sampler border showing the first holly leaf (part 2) and now the first bird (part 3)

The single bird includes a border that will be suitable for all of the smaller motifs - so ideal for cards.

I hope this isn't confusing as you will probably work from this for the larger project.

Do remember that with my freebies I do not have time to stitch them, so my apologies now if there are any mistakes. PLease let me know though, I can alter.

The link below is to a lovely company selling cross stitch designs including mine. If you would like to read up a bit more about the details of my work and view some close up sections then please take a look. And, although it is hush, hush, I will be giving some exciting news about a new venture with this company that will start in the New Year. More details in December.


Hope you enjoy your week and happy stitching, Lesley x

PS: If you would like to show your stitched pieces from this Xmas SAL then please join my Lesley Teare Cross Stitch group where you are able to show any of my designs. https://www.facebook.com/groups/529145740484076/

Download PDF of this free chart

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LJT Xmas blackwork part series 3 illustration 1
LJT Xmas blackwork part series 3 illustration 2