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LJT Simple Cross Stitch designs

16th Jun 2020

Here we go on the start of my new series with the first motif - the chart for the border and guide lines was posted last Wednesday 10th June. Cross stitch this time, and, I hope you will all enjoy the next 9 weeks of stitching to complete my easy sampler, or, just stitch each of them as individual motifs.

Do let me know how you get on and please join our lovely Lesley Teare group which displays all of the the stitching work going on with these and other designs.

Here is the link:https://www.facebook.com/?ref=logo

The other picture is of my latest 'blackwork' design, but this time in all coloured thread for the seahorse. I am delighted how this has turned out as it is a completley different 'road' for me to go down. I hope you like the addition of the water babies as much as me. I have been in absolute awe, since reading Charles Kingsley's book 'The Water Babies,' rather too many years ago now and just 'fell in love' with them.

 Let me know how you get on with the stitching and keep safe,



Download a PDF of this free chart:

LJT Simple cross stitch design KEY & detailsLJT Simple cross Stitch designs part 1