Lesley Teare Needlework design

LJT part series Floral sampler 1

16th Mar 2021

Here we go on part 1 of my new Part series Floral sampler. Always exciting to start a new design!

As before, I do not have the time to stitch the free designs, so, if you find a problem / mistake then please do let me know as I can alter it.

Otherwise, happy stitching and I will so look forward to seeing your projects. Do catch up with me and our lovely group at: Lesley Teare Cross Stitch designs | Facebook

Hope you all have a great week. Keep safe,



Download a PDF of this free chart:

LJT Part series Floral sampler KEYLJTPart series Floral sampler 1


Many apologies but due to family circumstances, I am not able to complete any orders for a couple of weeks. I will update the website when I am able to start taking orders again.
Thank you, Lesley