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Hoping your week has been safe.

31st Mar 2020

1st April, and not only my blackwork flowers and birds SAL for April is out today, but, we have a new part series to look forward to. I hope both projects will help you all stay calm and relaxed, at least whilst you are stitching.

All the details are attached for the new series for the threads and fabric you will need and a pdf file for you to download of the border to get started. AND, of course, the all important picture of my new design. I do hope many of you will like this and enjoy our stitching progress through the next 9 weeks. Please may I just say that there may be some mistakes as I do not have the time to stitch my freebies, but please, if you find a problem then just let me know and I can alter the chart.

If you haven't already joined Creative Poppy and me on this special project of mine, then I do hope you will, as the more I see of all the wonderful stitiching from you over the past 3 months is getting me very excited now to see all that is coming.


The above is easy to write, but in these sad and worrying times, please do take care of yourselves. AND, keep stitching !

Lesley x

UPDATE!! It has just come to my notice that there was an error of a footnote across the SAL chart. SO sorry. If it causes problems then please go back and download agian as this problem has now been rectified. Thank you Lesley

Download PDF of this free chart

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Hoping your week has been safe. illustration 1
Hoping your week has been safe. illustration 2