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Hoping you are all keeping safe.

24th Mar 2020

Anther week, and trying times for all of us. I hope you have managed to keep going and keep safe and that the stitching is good therapy.

I had a enquiry from a grandma earlier in the week to ask if I had a suitable chart of a unicorn so that she could introduce cross stitch to her 9 year old granddaughter, who, like my ones of 6 and 9, love them! Thankfully she and my granddaughters approved of my design!

My thought was that for all of you parents with children at home, this could be an ideal opportunity to get some of them interested in this lovely craft. Please download the chart but the colours are just for guidance ( I chose these as my two love them) If using these you may like to change the black 310, that is used as the outline, to a mauve.

Next Wednesday, 1st April will be the start for my next part series that will be available for you to stitch over the following 9 weeks. I know many of you have really enjoyed the Spring one and it is great seeing all of your stitched pieces, so please keep them coming in to my Lesley Teare group: facebook.com/groups/529145740484076/

Well folks, keep safe and keep stitching,


PS: Just to also say, that although because of increased costs, I cancelled the automatic emails, I have reviewed this as so many of you really enjoy this facility. Hopefully they will resume by next Wednesday. I will then continue to monitor them to see how it all goes. Thanks for your patience. LT

Download PDF of this free chart

Posted by Lesley Teare in category Blog on Tuesday, 24th March 2020

Hoping you are all keeping safe. illustration 1
Hoping you are all keeping safe. illustration 2