Lesley Teare Needlework design

Gingerbread House

5th Nov 2013

Hi everyone, according to Helen Dorritt, my lovely editor on Crazy Cross Stitch magazine, this design has been a massive hit with many of you. It's one of my favourites and although the chart was a special for Crazy subscribers I will hopefully soon be able to sell the chart here on my blog.

Just trying to sort out a few things and then, with the whiz kid Rebecca, who will use her expertise to get 'The Shop' up and running for me I will be able to start showing many more of my favourite charts... I'll keep you posted. Lx

Update... the good news... I understand that the gingerbread house, CAN be bought with CS Crazy 183, so if your fast it may still be out there.

Gingerbread House cross stitch