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First of four for Europe

9th Oct 2016

Here is the completed group of 8 dolls. For my second group at present, I have chosen from the rest of the European continent; the Netherlands, Italy, Germany and France. Perhaps those of you in the Netherlands can let me know if you prefer the term 'Holland?'

As I said in my earlier blog, these are more a general feeling for the costume than a national one, as even in the UK, with such a small country, we have very different styles that we associate with different areas.

In addition to the pdf downloadable charts, I will also attach an alphabet and numbers jpg file so that you can personlise the design as wished. Here I have attached the picture of the English doll with the lettering to replace the large flag so you can get the idea; but a border with names, places, could be great addition. I would love to see how you tackle these designs.

The design size for each doll is: 79 x 43 (5.6 x 3 inches)

The overall design including the large flag at the base: 93 x 43

The whole designs would look great as little hangings, the dolls lovely cards and the flags, well, simple designs for quick messages!

I hope with artistic licence, I have conveyed the style and feeling of the country, but please let me know if you feel there is anything that upsets you. 

Posted by Lesley Teare in category Blog on Sunday, 9th October 2016

First of four for Europe illustration 1
First of four for Europe illustration 2
First of four for Europe illustration 3
First of four for Europe illustration 4