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First four dolls!

8th Oct 2016

Not quite ready to go up for sale on my SHOP as I need to complete the first four for Europe. Hopefully they will all be ready by the end of the weekend. Here is another peep at my take on the British Isles for England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland. Thanks for all of the comments so far, a big help. Please note that they are not National costumes but a flavour, I hope, of that countries style of costume.

With a bit of luck.....and hard work! France, Netherlands, Germany and Italy will also be there!

 PLEASE let me know if you feel any part of the designs aren't quite correct. Although I'll use artistic licence I would hate to offend anyone.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend.


Posted by Lesley Teare in category Blog on Saturday, 8th October 2016

First four dolls! illustration 1