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20th Mar 2014

My new book is now on sale here in the UK. This is the first of four that I have designed for a Turkish company called TUVA. It has  been a joy to work with them on each project  to produce designs that I hope you will love to stitch.

This book has twenty charts and they are suitable for a new baby or young child... or for the parents. Hopefully, this book will provide you with a range of designs to enable you to make the perfect present, or two, for a relative or a close friend.

Here are the links:
http://edp.dmc.fr/catalogue/uk2014/#106 http://edp.dmc.fr/catalogue/uk2014/#106
There is no need to buy a catalogue as the books are available from DMC stockists throughout the country many of whom offer a mail order service at: http://www.stitcher.co.uk/view-product.asp?ssn=37620&product=cute-baby-models

RRP at £6.99

The second in the series will be published shortly... and it is a  a favourite of mine as it is on flowers. I'll let you know the details as soon as possible, Lx

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