Lesley Teare Needlework design

Charts Requested

24th Oct 2014

The latest charts that have become availabe on my SHOP site are from stitchers with specific requests for a couple of my designs and this is just to let you know that I'm always willing to try and sort charts out for you if I possibly can.

I hoped to show you the angel wings stitched as a cushion, but I'm definitely having a bad computer day and appear to have lost the image! ......but it does look nice made up!

The lady stitched in blackwork is a fairly easy design and very suitable for anyone wishing to try out this needlework technique. It is a very satisfying style especially when you can master more difficult stitches which can be seen on my Blackwork angel design.

 I also found I had problems trying to add a picture of the blackwork image without it blurring, but I think you can get the idea.


I now think it is time for a rest. Perhaps tomorrow I'll have less problems!

Download a PDF of this free chart:

MAY fairy


Many apologies but due to family circumstances, I am not able to complete any orders for a couple of weeks. I will update the website when I am able to start taking orders again.
Thank you, Lesley