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Change in the weather

5th Sep 2018

I think with the changing weather here in Britan and yes, officially it is now Autumn, many of us will start to do more stitching. The nights are already closing in and my thoughts are definitely looking to the closing of the curtains as it becomes darker outside. 

There are quite a variety of ideas for seasonal designs on my website Shop, with these decorative Father Christmas as just one idea. Find more at this link: www.lesleyteare.com/shop/seasonal  

But, I aslo thought of the New Year as I emailed a chart to a stitcher this morning. This glorious dragon in blackwork and could be a wonderful project to start on.


Enjoy your week everyone and perhaps many of you are like David me, trying to do catch - up in the garden and get it tidy and ready for the next season. xx


Posted by Lesley Teare in category Blog on Wednesday, 5th September 2018

Change in the weather illustration 1
Change in the weather illustration 2