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Blackwork anemone part 2

6th Feb 2019

Lovely to see so many of you have taken on the challenge and are joining me in my introduction to blackwork with my own personal touch of some colourful cross stitches. We start this week with our first blackwork pattern on one of the petals. Nice and simple and will not take too much of your time.

I have added the fabric and palette details again for those of you who may just be joining us. Do let me know how you get on.

The Owl has been stitched by a friend and she is working on all of them which is great, so hopefully we can sort out any minor problems. As you can see she has changed the colour of the border and left out the outer line, which I think makes the design look pretty and more delicate. Thank you Christina for your help....and oops! just noticed there is a mstake, the line the owl is standing on is missing! She will be mortified!

Have a good week everyone, Lesley x

PS: Following on from my morning chat, Christina and I have had a relook at the February owl and decided that perhaps a 'branch' in green 164 cross stitches would make a better perch...I think the backstitch one has been 'lost' amongst the grid as well. Up to you as the stitcher to decide and as you can see I have added the new version for guidance.

Download PDF of this free chart

Posted by Lesley Teare in category Blog on Wednesday, 6th February 2019

Blackwork anemone part 2 illustration 1
Blackwork anemone part 2 illustration 2
Blackwork anemone part 2 illustration 3