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Blackwork anemone

30th Jan 2019

Cold start to the day, although not too much snow, as yet.

Thank you to all you lovely stitchers that replied to my last week's blog, saying that you were keen to work on this new project. So here we go with the start of my blackwork anemone design that will 'run' over about 12 weeks as a part series. 

 We start with the centre of the anemone with cross stitches and French knots, or you can change these to petite black beads if wished. PLEASE NOTE, the backstitched outline around the centre and the edging of the petals will NOT be stitched until the patterns on the flower are complete.

Details of the threads and fabric needed are shown and I will add this information each week as I'm sure more stitchers will want to join us as we go along and it will save looking back through the blog pages. Although I have stated that 1 skein of stranded cotton is needeed for each colour, and apart from the black, there is only a small amount of thread required for each so you may wish to use up your odds and ends for this one and choose your own colours.

I do hope you will all enjoy this project and get to love blackwork as much as me.

Have a good week, Lesley x

Download PDF of this free chart

Posted by Lesley Teare in category Blog on Wednesday, 30th January 2019

Blackwork anemone illustration 1