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Another week....

6th Aug 2019

Feeling a little lost without our part series for the blackwork flower. Thank you so much to everyone that have contributed in sending in comments and pictures. Both series appear to have been successful in as much as many of you have said that not only have you enjoyed the stitching, but, you have really enjoyed working on the blackwork techniques.

I'm having a break during August, so there will be no designs to download, but I am thinking about another part series that will start in September to take us up to Christmas....sorry!.....with a sampler idea, but each design will be able to be stitched for a small card. I did one last year, based on the 12 days of Christmas, and that was enjoyed by many of you.

This week I am asking for help please. I recently completed a blackwork design that incorporated a North American bird - a really cute chickadee. At the time I asked for help from stitchers living in that part of the world to suggest other birds - and many suggestions came in. This time I have chosen a Blue Jay - again with a blackwork design to surround it, but it will be a little different again. The design has been completed and will be stitched shortly, but, as I haven't seen one of these birds in real life, I would really appreciate some feedback to make sure this one looks correct before I go ahead.

Hope you all have a good week, Lesley 

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