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Anemone blackwork series, part 3

12th Feb 2019

It has been so exciting to see how many of you are getting on with my new series for a blackwork anemone. If you wish to show pictures of how you are getting along or make any comments, then please join me and this lovely stitching group.


My two other groups are solely for my SALs that I have designed for this year; the pretty floral cushion, and the lovely 12 owls that will be available throughout 2019. Please check back through my Blog if you need the details.

Well here is the chart for the next blackwork petal - remember the outlines will be added at the end when the flowers is complete.

And on another note, here are my latest cuties that can be found in issue 253 of Cross Stitch Crazy. Have a great week and I shall look forward to seeing, I hope, even more pictures from you.

Lesley xx

Download PDF of this free chart

Posted by Lesley Teare in category Blog on Tuesday, 12th February 2019

Anemone blackwork series, part 3 illustration 1
Anemone blackwork series, part 3 illustration 2