Lesley Teare Needlework design

A lovely ending to a mistake!

7th Jul 2015

I was contacted a few days ago from Anna in Canada, who pointed out that I had mistaken carnations for peonies in the title of a chart that I am selling. I quickly checked, and yes! she was right!

I'm not sure of what influence I was under! but all rectified now. The following day I was sent a WIP of the said piece.......French knots still to be added...........and I was delighted.

Thanks Anna for picking up on my mistake, but I so enjoyed seeing your beautifully stitched picture. This series was a sheer delight to work on, and although I don't think I have a favourite from all of the landscapes, this looks lovely. It's always great pleasure to see my designs stitched with such care and I very much appreciate it.