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6th Nov 2015

Woodland animal Owl

Cute Christmas owl in cross stitcj

Here is another cute woodland animal to stitch for Christmas. I hope you enjoy,  especially if you are in the UK for this weekend.......the weather sounds foul. Just the thing to settle down with and keep warm and cosy.

Download a PDF of this free chart:

Woodland animal Owl

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Comment from Joan Garza

So so cute! Thank you so much!!

Hope you enjoy stitching the owl


Comment from Elizabeth

Hi! Thank You so much for this adorable Little Christmas Owl - she is really cute!!! As You know I love Flowers, especially Yours so much - but my passion is even wildlife like this Woodland Christmas Owl. Today we have rain, grey and foggy so I will keep warm and cosy and do my favorit thing: cross stitching!!!

Hope you have enjoyed stitching it and the weather has improved.


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