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24th Feb 2016

PANSY Free chart

Cross stitch pansy

This has been on my BLOG once before  but I thought I would add it again for those stitchers who haven't found it! And this time it comes as a downloadable pdf file so easier for you all to print off.

Download a PDF of this free chart:

PANSY Free chart

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Comment from Mary Cay

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I had not seen this lovely pansy and I love them. Pansies and Daisies are my absolute favorite flowers! I am working on an afghan and needed something small for the date and initial square I always do, so thank you again, its perfect!

Lovely note from you Mary, and pleased that the pansy is just the right size.


Comment from passionbroderie77

Thank you for this free pansy. Corinne

Glad you like it.


Comment from MissCarrie




Comment from Elizabeth

Hi! Soon it is a Pansy time! Thank You so much for this free chart - what a Lovely colours! Soon it is time to put them to the garden!!! Spring is coming soon!!!

Cold, frosty morning here, but lovely sunshine now..........and yes, the pansies are beginning to grow! Lx


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