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21st Oct 2015

Christmas baby deer

After looking at yesterday's chart I thought perhaps it just wasn't festive enough and I have decided to keep the woodland set until the spring. However, here is another baby deer with just the right additions to make him a must for stitching for Christmas!

And..........there will be a further animals, all in festive mood, over the next couple of months to get you into that festive spirit!!

Download a PDF of this free chart:

Christmas baby deer

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Comment from meg

thank you for the various freebies you released. I like a lot your style :-)

Thank you Maria


Comment from Bourgundy

thanks very much for this Christmas baby deer he is so cute

Comment from Deb

Adorable little deer! Thank you very much!

Comment from DJ

What a sweet little deer. This may very well end up being a "First Christmas" ornament for my DGD due in February. Gives me lots of time, since I'm pretty busy with other new baby crafts at the moment ... another DGD due any moment! Thanks, Lesley, for so generously sharing your creations!

Congratulations..............you might be a bit too busy for stitching. But, oh! aren't grandchildren wonderful.............and you can wave goodbye!



Comment from Elizabeth

Thank You Lesley, this baby Deer is sooo much for stitching for Christmas! I just love it! Thank You so much he is really cute...

I hope you will enjoy stitching this and the others yet to come. Lovely to hear from you, Lx



Comment from Julie.C

This one is sweet and festive I still like the last one too. Thank you for sharing.

Many thanks Julie for your comment. Lx


Comment from Donna

Darling - thank you very much!



Comment from CieAngel

Thank you so much , this is really cute.

There will be a few more in the next few weeks.


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