Lesley Teare Needlework design

Happy weekend

19th Sep 2018

I said last wednesday that we had been to a wedding and the picture was taken at the breakfast 'party' the following morning. This shows my two sons and two grandsons with me, one, aged two in the rear of the picture and a 10 year old enjoying his breakfast.

Taken on a retro camera that prints the film out from the camera so really just 'snap' photos. I remember them years ago, but with a piece of leather added to...

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LJT Floral sampler SAL September

14th Sep 2018

Our ninth design and this time simple Forget - me -knots with a pretty butterfly.

Seems amaizing we are now in September, but seeing all of your stitched pieces makes me feel very pleased as so many of you have said how much you are enjoying it.

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Time away

12th Sep 2018

David and I had a few days away last weekend as my eldest son was marrying his lovely partner. It all took place in the beautiful Northamptonshire countryside. Thankfully, although not the sunny weather we have got used to, at least it was dry, so all the children there were able to get outside and play which meant their parents had chance to relax as well.

 Two designs shown here, the jolly Santas and the Folk -art Christmas cards are in...

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Change in the weather

5th Sep 2018

I think with the changing weather here in Britan and yes, officially it is now Autumn, many of us will start to do more stitching. The nights are already closing in and my thoughts are definitely looking to the closing of the curtains as it becomes darker outside. 

There are quite a variety of ideas for seasonal designs on my website Shop, with these decorative Father Christmas as just one idea. Find more at this link: www.lesleyteare.com/shop/seasonal  

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Sunbonnet Sue for September

1st Sep 2018

Difficult to realise that we are now on our 9th design and it has been really lovely to see so many of your stitched pieces. Here is the one for September which I hope you will all enjoy.

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Nearly September

29th Aug 2018

David and I have been very busy in our garden recently, trying to get it sorted before there is a real change in the weather. The photo shows three Granny Smith cooking apples growing on the small tree that is growing against a wall and I think the top one alone will make two apple pies....

Prompted by a request from a stitcher, I have just added a design of a Christmas angel which I hope you will like. It was...

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Blackwork designs

22nd Aug 2018

I'm hoping I can add the pictures that have been sent to me by Marg O'Neill of four of my blackwork designs that have been stitched on 16 count and the french knots replaced with small black and blue beads. I think they look stunning and not least with the way they been framed.  You can find all of these and more of my Blackwork designs at this link:                      ...

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LJT Floral Sampler SAL August

17th Aug 2018

It's a sweet pink rose for this month of August and our sampler is looking really lovely now with this, our eigth floral motif. Lovely seeing all of your pictures so please keep them coming in for us all to see.

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Picture gallery!

15th Aug 2018

This week shows three pictures of my designs that stitchers have sent me over the past week; the link for them was my daily picture inserts that I add to my Face Book page. In fact I'm doing well this week for pictures as I have already shown two more: Margaret Kirkwood's Version of 088 Waterlily and dargonfly and Kath Bower's 106 Vintage Charm which you can see https://www.facebook.com/Lesley-Teare-308823195962626/

Mega Nauli sent me the LJT005 Toile...

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Happy birthday Tilly!

8th Aug 2018

Yes, Tilly is one today. She is a lovely companion and a real pleasure for both David and me to have around. Her dog training hasn't quite gone to plan because of the extreme heat so her lessons with Paul have had to be cancelled, but she seems to be doing well....most of the time. 

Not much different on the designing front this past week, but just busy with a few commissions. My floral SAL will shortly be ready for the...

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Sunbonnet Sue for August

1st Aug 2018

August already!!

The pictures you have been sending in to me are SO great to see and thank you for all of your lovely comments. This August Miss looks happy with her basket of flowers and is ready to join with all the others.

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Weekly slot

1st Aug 2018

My new Sunbonnet Sue design for August is ready to download and I will pop this on my Blog as a separate item for you all to download. 

I have charted these small designs for Atie, who made a mistake when stitching the border for my Sunbonnet Sue's. You might like to print off one these small designs as it would be ideal for a simple and pretty card. You will though, need to have the KEY from the Sunbonnet Sue...

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