Lesley Teare Needlework design

Weekly note

18th Jul 2018

It was lovely getting pictures of my Hydrangea design sent to me by Anita Redina Hendro last week. Stitched on such pretty fabric and it's interesting to see how a design can be altered and influenced by a choice of fabric. The bottom picture shows the original one on traditional white, but I think Anita's choice makes the design really special. Hope you all saw the free floral picture of an Iris I published last friday. The Floral SAL is...

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LJT Floral Sampler SAL Julyhttps://www.facebook.com/groups/lesleytearesal/

13th Jul 2018

The lovely iris is my choice of flower for July. It is one of the great joys in the garden in Spring and early Summer and with almost limitless flower colour ( only true red is missing) there is an abundance of colours to choose from and if you wish to join Lori and me in our SAL then please go to: https://www.facebook.com/groups/lesleytearesal/

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11th Jul 2018

Hi everyone, hope the past week has been a good one. I have just added another LJT Tea pot design to the 'collection' - 'Garden Days', the third one, and I still hope to work on a fourth. The other two have also been altered to make sure they work well as a group. Find them under the 'Decorative' section on my Shop page. Hope you like them.   

Also, I hope you will notice that my previous Blog note is...

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Free flower chart

10th Jul 2018

Just a quick chart for you all. A stitcher wanted the chart which isn't available from my website Shop, but I thought this simple, but pretty design would be good to add as a freebie. Hope you all enjoy it as well. xx

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Glorious sunflowers

4th Jul 2018

Keep your home feeling sunny all year long by stitching the rolling hills and bobbing sunflowers of this landscape. It is very apt at the moment for us in Britain with the wonderful sunny weather we have all been having. This is my latest design for Cross Stitch CRAZY magazine, issue 245, which will be in the shops on the 8th July. Apart from a few random backstitches on the far hill it is created with all whole stitches, making...

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Sunbonnet Sue July

1st Jul 2018

The figure for July, in dungarees and the little dog, is the 7th little character in my Sunbonnet Sue series. Thank you for all of your lovely comments and it is nice to hear that so many of you are enjoying the stitching. If you haven't done so already then please join Katherine So and me in the SAL group at:                   https://www.facebook.com/groups/322109094855799/

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New designs

27th Jun 2018

Hi everyone, I have added two new large floral designs this week to my growing! selection - this time Anemones and a Lily. All these designs use only whole cross stitches, although a couple do include French knots plus a couple of backstitches if there are insects for the detail. Do remember that this Sunday is the 1st July, so Sunbonnet Sue time! Enjoy your week. x

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Busy week

20th Jun 2018

Just trying to do catch - up this week. I think because the weather has been so good, I got somewhat waylaid in the garden so work got a bit behind! Deadlines today, but thankfully made it for GOLD, so everyone is happy. 

I transferred another large floral to my new section this week - a mauve rhododendron - which I think is lovely, especially the colours. And, in this month's issue of GOLD Cross Stitch magazine you can find four...

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LJT Floral Sampler SAL June

15th Jun 2018

A colourful red poppy has been chosen for the June flower. We are now half way through the design so the sampler is beginning to look really pretty and it's lovely seeing all of the pictures that you send through. If you haven't done so already, then why not join Lori and me at our SAL group:


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Floral sampler

13th Jun 2018

I was delighted yesterday when this picture arrived of one of my floral designs from a stitcher in Hong Kong. So beautifully stitched by 'T' and I love her choice of fabric. Thank you for sending it in 'T' - much appreciated. Quite apt, as the June motif for our LJT Floral sampler SAL is out this Friday. As you can see this time it will be the colourful poppy. Hope everyone is getting on well with it all.

Speak next...

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Another week

6th Jun 2018

Another week gone by, but here in the UK, especially where I live in Suffolk, the weather has been beautiful and sun is forcast for all of today. The landscape certainly looks like Summer with the darker greens on the trees and the vibrant red poppies that can now be seen in the hedgerows and fields.

For those of you that don't look at my FB page, I just wanted to add a picture of my Angel design that a stitcher...

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Sunbonnet Sue JUNE

1st Jun 2018

Halfway through our Sunbonnet Sue characters. This time a lad busy fishing.

It has been lovely to hear from so many of you and see how you are getting on with the stitching. If you haven't already, then please come and join Katherine So and me for the SAL for this at:


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