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Wednesday blog

8th May 2019

This past week has gone by quickly - not sure if our Bank holiday in the UK was the reason - or more to point the fact that David and I had the three granchildren for the weekend plus a large flat - coated retreiver to keep Tilly worn out! The stay included a 'sleep over.' We knew the two girls would be Ok but the 30 month old grandson was a worry. No problems, they were all brilliant - the fact that I was in bed and asleep by 9pm on Sunday evening says a lot!!

I had meant to get another part series going but hopefully I will have that sorted for next week as I know so many of you really enjoyed the blackwork anemone and are now big fans of blackwork.  If you are just joining me on a Wednesday and haven't discovered this series then please look at the follwing link for the start of it.                                www.lesleyteare.com/blog/blackwork-anemone 

The Owl SAL is looking great and I was delighted yesterday to see another version from Hilde Damman Lemaitre who is sewing her owls onto a tablecloth - quite delightful.

Have a great week with lots of lovely sewing, Lesley