Lesley Teare Needlework design

Update on the Owl designs

14th Nov 2018

Hope you all have had a good week. Delighted that so many of you are going to take part in our new Owl SAL which starts on the first of January 2019. Last week's Blog gives more details and the size of fabric required. I mentioned DMC Perle in red 666 would be a good thread to use for the backstitch border or to use stranded cotton 666 as an alternative. There were a few queries as to whether, if working with the stranded, one should use 1 strand or 2? I have added a small sample here to show the difference: left hand has 2 strands, centre the Perle thread, and the right hand one, 1 strand, so I would suggest work a sample piece to see which you prefer.

The other query was if I could provide a small border for a single owl? As you can see I have, and it will be added to my Blog on the 5th Decemebr 2018 along with the larger one and thread details.

 Do get in touch if you have any more queries.

Remember it is this Friday, 16th November that the penultimate flower will be added for my Flower sampler SAL!!!

Have a good week everyone. xx