Lesley Teare Needlework design

Get ready for the Owls!

5th Dec 2018

The first Owl design will be posted on 1st January 2019. Here is the list of threads that you will need for all 12 owls. It is entirely up to you, as the stitcher, whether you follow this, or you can choose your own colours if preferred. The perle thread 666 is optional, and you may like to work a sample first before making a decison on the threads to use. 

Details are also here for the type of fabric and size which I hope will be helpful, plus the all important border, so that you can get started. A request for a small border to go round individual owls has also been added.

 Just incase some of you are new to my Blog here is a picture of the first 6 owls that will take us stitching up till June 2019, and the small border has a picture of our first one for January!

So looking forward to this one, as this year's Sunbonnet Sue designs have been wonderful to work on for you and just thank you all so much for your wonderful feed back.

Hopefully all of this clear to understand, but any problems then please let me know. Lesley x


Download a PDF of this free chart:

Owl KEY simple oneOwls small borderOwl large border