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LJT 2022 Happy Day sampler

11th Jan 2022

My new 9 part series is ready! Sorry for the delay and thank you to so many of you for your kind messages last week.

I thought we would start with a 'happy' sampler. I hope it will bring a smile over the coming weeks whilst stitching. Nine motifs, all with a bit of fun.

Today, the border and all of the details you need are attached, and, next week we will start with the first motif of a fun butterfly. Please note: the 'missing' backstitches are because some of the designs in the motifs encroach over the green backstitch lines.

I have tried to keep the stitching simple, so apart from the last design for the duck, the rest are all whole cross stitches so easy for beginners as well. Please though, substitute some of the whole stitches for fractionals if preferred.

If you just wish to use the main motifs for cards then you may wish to omit the border.

Happy stitching and I hope you all have a lovely week,

Lesley x

Download a PDF of this free chart:

LJT Happy day sampler, the borderLJT 2022 Happy Day sampler KEY