Lesley Teare Needlework design

Floral SAL idea

12th Dec 2018

First remember that the last flower for our floral SAL of 2018 will be posted this Friday14th....

And now onto a floral idea for 2019! I need feedback please as I'm not too sure this will work for everone. There was an adverse comment for the way I divided this year's floral SAL by one stitcher, although I don't think that was felt by many others....

My idea for the 2019 flower designs will be a square design, either for a sampler or perhaps a cushion. The flowers and butterflies are scattered over 140 x 140 area, but in order to break this down into 12 sections it means that the motifs will be 'split' - so when one part of a motif is stitched you would have to wait until the following month, or perhaps longer to complete it as a whole pattern. 

The chart here, with the grid, shows the blue lines which denote one monthly section.

Small pdf file makes the blue lines a bit easier to see.

Is there going to be a problem for you as the stitchers, or do I make the design with each flower in a 'box?' 

Otherwise enjoy your week and I'll look forward to reading what you think, Lesley x

Download a PDF of this free chart:

Chart with blue lines