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LJT Part series Floral sampler 4

6th Apr 2021

Another week and really changing weather conditions for us here in GB, from shorts and T shirt one day to the next day snow!

Hope your week has gone well wherever you are. There was a lovely comment on my Lesley Teare FB page (1) Lesley Teare Cross Stitch designs | Facebook   from Lorna, ' I find it so wonderful that a hobby can unite so many people worldwide'. I quite agree and it has been even more special for many of us over this past year.

A foxglove is my choice of flower for Part 4 for this week's motif for my Floral sampler. Lots of you are stitching them for cards which is such a good idea as each motif doesn't take too long to complete.

Let me know how you get on and please keep sending the pictures of your work through to my FB site.

Happy stitching,




Download a PDF of this free chart:

LJT Floral sampler KEYLJT Part series Floral sampler 4